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Pokémon GO Can Help Your Business

Pokémon GO is moving faster than any other game in history. It is surpassing some powerful social networks, such as, Twitter. The game is also doing a terrific job of getting the small business owner to pay attention to new ways to engage people, that is, customers and prospects. People familiar with 3D tech, augmented […] Read More

Tennessee Technology University And The Business Of Making 3D Practical

Finding a college or university that is entrepreneurial is not an easy task. Some will speak about it or create a course with the term embedded in it. Some schools like to grab hold of the buzzwords, but Tennessee Technological University (TTU) in Cookeville is doing something daily to inspire makers, build makerspaces, and enable […] Read More

HP Sprout With Stop Motion App

The LEGO minifigures advanced, millimeter by millimeter marching across the tiny stage, as we took hundreds of photos for the basic stop motion video. If you have ever done anything with a stop motion concept, you know that it is a labor of love and managing tiny movements, incremental changes. The HP Sprout Stop Motion […] Read More

Is the 3-D Camera Tipping Point Here?

Although 3-D cameras have been around for several years, it is only recently that they have begun to evolve from a gimmick or peripheral gadget to a core and essential part of computing. Multiple industries that are dependent on excellent 3-D camera technology are garnering tremendous attention and experiencing rapid growth. This includes 3-D printing, […] Read More

HP Sprout Capture Stage Makes 3D Scanning Easy

After my Portland 3D Printing Lab visit, and all the questions about the scanner technology for the HP Sprout, I thought I might talk a little bit about the less-noticed part of the scanning process in this post – the Capture Stage. The HP Sprout Pro Capture Stage is a simple and innovative method of […] Read More