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Revisiting 3DRV: Legacy Effects Studio of Marvel Characters and More

I’ve been thinking a bunch about my time with Jason Lopes and Legacy Effects. It was only an afternoon at the very start of the 3DRV national roadtrip, but it still sticks out in my mind, for pure cool factor. I mean, hanging out with the team that made some of the most amazing suits […] Read More

3D Printing Materials Suppliers

As we relaunch the site, I wanted to share a simple short list of 3D Printing Materials Suppliers that can keep your shop well-stocked. In a future update, I plan to give you a resource-type post that highlights 3D printing materials comparisons as it is easy to get lost in the wide range of filament […] Read More

TL;DR: Relaunching GoExplore3D for Shop Types and Educators

As the wheels stopped rolling on the 3DRV national roadtrip, literally and figuratively, I looked for ways I could serve the 3D tech marketplace and keep some form of that project going. became that way, that path, the plan for creating content and services to help the Shop type grow. When I say “Shop […] Read More

Portland Community College Builds Maker Culture

There’s a saying that people will use to describe a person who is especially strong in some way: “A force of nature.” One of my first stops, earlier this year, was to Portland, Oregon. There I met Gregg Meyer, the Interim Dean of Math and Industrial Tech at Portland Community College – Sylvania campus, and […] Read More

Pokémon GO Can Help Your Business

Pokémon GO is moving faster than any other game in history. It is surpassing some powerful social networks, such as, Twitter. The game is also doing a terrific job of getting the small business owner to pay attention to new ways to engage people, that is, customers and prospects. People familiar with 3D tech, augmented […] Read More

Tennessee Technology University And The Business Of Making 3D Practical

Finding a college or university that is entrepreneurial is not an easy task. Some will speak about it or create a course with the term embedded in it. Some schools like to grab hold of the buzzwords, but Tennessee Technological University (TTU) in Cookeville is doing something daily to inspire makers, build makerspaces, and enable […] Read More

How The HP Sprout Adds Steam To STEAM Junction Makerspace

Makerspaces are popping up all over the USA and the world. Some of them start quickly when a team of people see a need in a school or library. Others, like STEAM Junction in Burlington, North Carolina, start by first building a community. The Alamance Makers Guild started in 2011 as a way to engage […] Read More

Bring Crayons To 3D Life With The HP Sprout Crayola Color Alive App

Each month, as I use the HP Sprout, I wonder who else is using it and what apps they love. Recently, I wrote about how we used the Stop Motion app to capture and create a LEGO minifigure movie (a short one, no pun intended) in record time. Knowing there are plenty of other apps […] Read More

HP Sprout With Stop Motion App

The LEGO minifigures advanced, millimeter by millimeter marching across the tiny stage, as we took hundreds of photos for the basic stop motion video. If you have ever done anything with a stop motion concept, you know that it is a labor of love and managing tiny movements, incremental changes. The HP Sprout Stop Motion […] Read More

3D Printing Goliath (Sam), STEM, SWW 2016 Experience and Future of Design

At 15 feet tall, the ABCD 3D Printer from SeeMeCNC is the tallest 3D printer in the world. Throughout the SOLIDWORKS World 2016 show, I found myself going back to their printer, to watch it in action. And to marvel at what they had done, on a whim, but I’m getting ahead of myself. John […] Read More

National Attention On STEM, Maker, and 3D Resources

Let’s keep this in the present tense: America is a nation of makers, tinkerers, inventors, and entrepreneurs. I just updated that sentence from a White House press release I received about the National Week of Making. Did you know we have a celebration at a national level around making? It is sponsored by the White […] Read More

30+ STEAM Classroom Activities With HP Sprout Pro

The HP Sprout Pro is a new kind of all-in-one computer that enables teachers and students to make, design, and customize the world around them. That sounds like a big claim, but it offers a combination of technologies to increase student engagement and exploration. I have written about technical details for the HP Sprout Pro […] Read More

Is the 3-D Camera Tipping Point Here?

Although 3-D cameras have been around for several years, it is only recently that they have begun to evolve from a gimmick or peripheral gadget to a core and essential part of computing. Multiple industries that are dependent on excellent 3-D camera technology are garnering tremendous attention and experiencing rapid growth. This includes 3-D printing, […] Read More

HP Sprout Capture Stage Makes 3D Scanning Easy

After my Portland 3D Printing Lab visit, and all the questions about the scanner technology for the HP Sprout, I thought I might talk a little bit about the less-noticed part of the scanning process in this post – the Capture Stage. The HP Sprout Pro Capture Stage is a simple and innovative method of […] Read More

Happy Meal Boxes And Mattel View-Master Give Your Kid A Look At Virtual Reality and 3D

There is a funny cartoon making its way around the internet adding a new layer to the fairly well-known Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. At the bottom of the pyramid, someone graffiti-scrawled a new more important layer: WiFi now sits as more fundamental than food, water, shelter, and warmth. Sure, someone is just having fun, but […] Read More

Portland 3D Printing Lab Tests HP Sprout

The quiet whirring sound emanating from the white turntable as it cycled 360 degrees gently caught attention. It was not the two 3D printers sitting on the same table. For these curious ones, it was not the free food or drink offered by the well-known PDX 3DP Lab meetup. It was the piece of driftwood […] Read More

Portland Oregon Is Maker Central – Visit To TiCycles

Quick post to show you some photos from my visit to Portland this week. As the title implies, Portland is a haven for makers, urban manufacturers, craftspeople, artisans, and it is an amazing place to hangout. My first stop was in North Portland to the home of TiCycles — handmade bicycle makers. They are experimenting […] Read More

Why The “Sprout By HP” Matters

From gadgets to laser printers, monitors to VR goggles, product reviews have been part of my 25+ years of working in the tech industry. I will not say I have seen it all, but quite a lot of gear has gone through my workshop. 3DRV Version 2 In 2014, we traveled the USA and just […] Read More

3DRV Version 2 Begins and Re-brands as GoExplore3D

Through much of 2014 and into early 2015, we were full time on the 3DRV project. It was an epic adventure; we continue the 3DRV journey here as GoExplore3D. Thanks for joining us.   […] Read More