Revisiting 3DRV: Legacy Effects Studio of Marvel Characters and More


I’ve been thinking a bunch about my time with Jason Lopes and Legacy Effects. It was only an afternoon at the very start of the 3DRV national roadtrip, but it still sticks out in my mind, for pure cool factor.

Legacy Effects Destroyer w Jason Lopes _v2

I mean, hanging out with the team that made some of the most amazing suits and props in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and other films, too), what’s not to like? Eye candy galore!! (See below gallery link.)

Mostly, I’m reminded of Jason’s generosity and enthusiasm to guide me through some of the trends and opportunities in 3D. (When you put your cursor in the image, the right and left arrows/triangles will guide you to next and previous photos — around 30 images, I think, mostly Marvel characters/costumes/heads, but a few others, too.)

Legacy Effects _3DRV

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