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As we relaunch the site, I wanted to share a simple short list of 3D Printing Materials Suppliers that can keep your shop well-stocked. In a future update, I plan to give you a resource-type post that highlights 3D printing materials comparisons as it is easy to get lost in the wide range of filament types as you scroll through an online store.

Image Courtesy Tyler Anderson of MatterHackers

Many of the big box retailers from Home Depot to Walmart and the online powerhouses Amazon and Ebay are stocking and selling 3D printers and materials (filament and resin). The challenge that I have with filaments and 3D printing equipment from general retailers is their support, or lack thereof. I recommend you go to specialized shops or dealers until you have the experience to experiment. You might be able to shave a few dollars, but I like sticking with the experts. I like stuff to work out of the box, particularly in the beginning. I’m willing to tweak, explore, after I have had the equipment running for a bit.

So, here are some of the stores/shops that focus on 3D, often selling their own materials as well as those from other makers. These are in no particular order, but I will say that the folks at Proto-pasta (fun name) and MatterHackers are ones I know the best and recommend. Of course, when manufacturers send me review units, they often include some filament to get a new customer started. You can be certain that they have tested and re-tested that material will work with their machine, so that’s always a good bet for re-ordering material.

Update: As of May 2017, we are shifting to do more affiliate sales for merchants and makers that we like and trust as a way to support this site and project. There are no additional costs to you for purchasing through our links.

Please feel free to ping me with suggestions and ideas for other suppliers or if you have had a challenge with one of these providers. I’ll add to and subtract from this list over time. Consider this a work in progress.

Coming soon: I have two future posts in progress to talk about 3D printer material cost I will also link to a broad overview about the types of printing materials that most people are using, to provide a primer for those just getting into the space.

Again, thanks for reading.

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