Pokémon GO Can Help Your Business


Pokémon GO is moving faster than any other game in history. It is surpassing some powerful social networks, such as, Twitter. The game is also doing a terrific job of getting the small business owner to pay attention to new ways to engage people, that is, customers and prospects.

People familiar with 3D tech, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR), are thrilled because it represents a massive tsunami that can propel these technologies into the limelight of contemporary culture and business use. This is a very good thing for the large number of AR/VR/MR developers and entrepreneurs.

I wanted to share some statistics via some tech blogs I read:

My friend John Biehler shared this and it made my son and me chuckle:

Apparently people can’t aim #pokemongo #3dprinting

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