Bring Crayons To 3D Life With The HP Sprout Crayola Color Alive App


Each month, as I use the HP Sprout, I wonder who else is using it and what apps they love. Recently, I wrote about how we used the Stop Motion app to capture and create a LEGO minifigure movie (a short one, no pun intended) in record time.

Knowing there are plenty of other apps within the HP Sprout Marketplace – from the Origami Apprentice paper folding tutorial app to Martha Stewart’s “Craft Studio,” you could keep busy exploring the Sprout for quite some time.

So, I reached out on Facebook to see if anyone had any cool stories to share of the Sprout in the wild, so to speak. My favorite 3D modeling buddy, James Alday, responded quickly. He happened to be out with his family at the new Crayola Experience attraction in Orlando, Florida and was watching his children play in a room full of HP Sprouts. You can check out James’ Instagram feed – ImmersedN3D to see some of his fun 3D creations (including a great fireworks holder to keep little fingers safe). Photos I’m sharing here are courtesy of James, unless otherwise noted.

Crayons Bring Creations To Life In 3D

Crayola Experience w HP Sprout by James Alday

On the Crayola Experience website, the Color Magic section is the area in the attraction where the HP Sprout is located and it offers, among other apps, the use of the Color Alive app (by Daqri 4D) so that kids can bring their coloring to life. It is rather fascinating because the characters that a child colors in will pop up on the screen, in 3D, and are instantly accessible to move, enlarge, and in some cases, move about the screen.

“Ever wonder what coloring will be like in the year 2050?  In this augmented reality experience you can actually see your coloring page come alive!  Virtually control the dragon you just colored as it roars to life and responds to your direction! See it play in a background of your choosing and don’t forget to take a selfie!” – from the Crayola Experience website

Okay, back to James Alday:

The Crayola Experience – it’s like a crayon theme park. We were showing some out of town family members around various Orlando attractions. We had never been to this Crayola place before; it is fairly new. But we just knew, from friends, that the kids would have a great time. It was pretty cool. It was fun for the dads as well. I would say there were at least 20 stations, 2 rows of 10. And they were very popular. I was shocked to see the amount of tech they had installed. A lot of interactive VR type stations.

It was great because the kids had a variety of pictures they could chose to color, then scan them in with the Sprout machines and watch the drawings come to life. It would apply their coloring to a 3D animated version of the design. Then you can take selfie photos and have them emailed to you.

Crayola Experience HP Sprout by James Alday

If you are looking for ideas for how others are using the Sprout, check out their gallery of projects and ways that people are doing so: the Creator Gallery.

If you are an educator, read my interview/discussion with Bekka Stasny, middle school educator in Florida, share some of how she expects to use the Sprout in the classroom this coming school year. Big list of ideas for students, but you do not have to be in school to use the many apps, nor do you need to be a kid! 30+ STEAM Classroom Activities Potential With HP Sprout Pro.

Thanks to James, I learned about the very innovative and fun Crayola Experience attraction, but more so how it is inspiring kids (of all ages) to check out what 3D is all about and how you can participate and do it as well.

Disclosure: HP is a client, but as always, my content is my own.

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